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My Story

Many years ago, my world flipped upside down after a near-death experience and degenerative heart disease diagnosis. I was lost for a while, not knowing why I was burdened with this or where my life was headed. It was during that time that I discovered the power of meditation. It saved and revived me. I later discovered Reiki, and that further deepened my healing and self-discovery.


These practices quite literally saved my life and were so impactful to me that I felt called to share them with others. I then began my journey to become a certified meditation coach and Reiki Master so I could do just that. I'm so excited to share these practices with the world and help others who have seen hellfire, pain, change, anxiety, medical diagnosis, or stress in whatever capacity.


It's amazing what our bodies and minds are capable of. We just have to listen to them and connect the dots.

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My Approach

Sometimes meditation and Reiki get bad raps for being too woo-woo or far-fetched when there are proven medical studies behind their impacts. The body's actual DNA is positively affected, and the brain starts to utilize areas that aren't normally utilized. It's miraculous, really! 

My approach is to educate and help show that these practices truly work. Each appointment involves a pre-session consult where I will explain each step in the process, what to expect and allow you to ask as many questions as you need to feel comfortable. Additionally, each appointment ends in a post-session assessment where we discuss how you feel, what worked, what didn't work, and how we can continue to deepen your healing journey.


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